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Joleen Sorrels

Hair Stylist

Joleen has been a colorist for the past 15 years specializing in balayage, blondes, and grey blends. She has a passion for extensions and rocking the lived-in color. Reach out to her for a consultation! 

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Briana Beard


Meet Briana! She is the owner of the Fort Worth Aesthetician and a country girl at heart. She loves living in the country and everything that comes with it: from owning goats to camping! The great outdoors is her place of joy and peace. She has been in the beauty industry for over TEN years! She became an esthetician in 2008. Starting out on the customer service side of beauty, she quickly came into management. When the world changed with covid so did her passion for the industry. Needing more, wanting more. Briana went back to school to get more skin knowledge in order to pursue a more meaningful part of this industry. For her, that’s hands-on with clients providing happy, healthy skin results. Who else goes to work and literally gets to relax and have great conversations? Briana and she's loving it. She strives to provide her clients with an incomparable customer service experience. She makes people feel beautiful and loves the connections that come along with it. She adores using Éminence organic skincare and can tell you all about them during your next appointment. She's so passionate about Éminence because she has seen firsthand what results they can provide, even to extremely problematic skin. Did you know, they plant a tree for every product sold? How amazing is that?! They also donate organic fruits and vegetables to children's hospitals because they understand the impact it has on their healing process. She stands with them to help to make this world a better place one tree and one meal at a time. She has decided to partner with some amazing brands that have similar values to hers and provide her clients with the best results without being invasive. She believes we can get amazing results with consistency and dedication. If you or anyone you know is looking into having better skincare habits reach out, she would love to talk skin with you.

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Presleigh Cates

Hair Stylist

Presleigh has been working side-by-side with Joleen learning and growing as a hairstylist. She's would love to have you in her chair.

A little bit about Presleigh is that she was born and raised in Prosper, Texas. She adores animals and even has a fur baby of her own. Presleigh studied the University of Alabama for criminal justice before moving to Fort Worth! She has always been passionate about all things cosmetology and knew that one day she would want to make a career doing what she loves, which happens to be hair! She enjoys doing lived in blondes and bronding and would love to have you in her chair to make all your hair dreams come true!

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Dana Haedge

Asthetic Nurse Injector

Dana has been a nurse for over 22 years, she's been doing injections for the past four years. She has a passion for making women feel younger and look natural. She will be up front and honest with her assessment of exactly what will make you feel and look your best. She is currently offering;

*Neurotoxins (botox, Xeomin)

*Dermal Filler

*Micro Needling

*Injection Therapy (Skinny shot, Vitamin D, Biotin)

To book with Dana you may call, text or email.


Shelbi Tinonga

Joleen's Apprentice  

Newly graduated from Weatherford college in cosmetology and so excited to start her career here at Mossy + Mane. You will see this smiling face next to Joleen in the coming months learning and growing.

Katelyn Martin


Katelyn is Mossy + Mane's newest team member. She loves all things Skincare, waxing & lashing. She can't wait to take care of you. Be sure to say hi to  her next time your in

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